VALOORES Business Intelligence

  • Build Business indicators
    • Collect information from multiple data sources (files, feeds, databases, applications) in different platforms (Oracle, MySQL, Sales Force, CRM) to retrieve and calculate actionable business indicators using filtered values, formulas or aggregated data.
    • Perform back end linking to business or structured queries to be applied to interpretation tools (charts, pivot table, tabular view, report, displayed in dashboard panel elements.
    • Design dashboard elements using logical or functional process
  • KPI Real Time Execution
    • Secure connection and login to the different dashboard modules
    • Collaborate real time to perform visual analysis and reporting using adaptive web interface (browser, tablet, smart phone)
    • Automated conditional processing and execution based on threshold values.
    • Dynamic user interaction to filter, drill down and expose data in different angles
  • Analytics
    • VALOORES' embedded Analytics engine evaluates historical trends, seasonality, cycles, elasticity, confidence intervals, outliers and other environment variables, to produce forecast, and accentuate decision making, strategies and conflicts’ resolution, based on forecast-aware BI.

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