in'Fraud Management


There is no shortage of ingenuity when it comes to financial crime and fraud. We see this daily as fraudsters continuously adapt their approach and methods in an effort to stay one step ahead of the law and the latest detection technologies. The velocity, complexity, and expanded opportunity for financial crime require financial services organizations to rethink and retool their approach to fraud management. Real - time and enterprise - wide define the gold standard toward which today’s firms aspire and this can be accomplished with valoores in' Fraud Management.


  • Rapidly detect and prevent complex fraud schemes to minimize losses, maximize customer trust and reduce reputational risk
  • Intelligently focus investigators on the most urgent and actionable fraud alerts to prevent and reduce losses from high exposure activities
  • Combat fraud with a comprehensive set of prebuilt scenarios from an industry proven financial crime library used in over 70 countries


  • Single, integrated fraud management platform
  • Event identification and correlation across the enterprise
  • Intelligent alert correlation from point fraud solutions
  • Real-time monitoring and interdiction capabilities
  • Advanced risk scoring for prioritization
  • Prebuilt scenarios and detection techniques
  • Alert/data trending reports and interactive analyses
  • Comprehensive case management including workflow, documentation, loss and recovery data, and audit trail